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Our Team

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Sarah Dueffert, PT, DPT, NCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Board-Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist
Owner, Cortex Rehabilitation LLC

I still remember the feeling of waking up one morning and knowing something wasn’t right. I felt dizzy, tired, foggy, and like I was going to pass out. Days, weeks, and months went by traveling from doctor to doctor without any explanation for the symptoms.

As if it wasn’t already frustrating enough to have no explanation for my debilitating symptoms, I was accused of FAKING IT, having ANXIETY, and BEING A TEEN JUST TRYING TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL. None of those things could have been further from the truth. 

It was so disheartening to be accused of dishonesty, and to be written off by the healthcare professionals who were supposed to help me.

I was missing out on everything--school, swimming practice, dance classes, and even the chance to take driver’s ed. I went from straight A’s to failing in school, and I felt hopeless because nobody believed my symptoms were real.

Fortunately, I was finally able to find a provider who believed that my symptoms were real. She connected me with an expert team who diagnosed me with POTS, and helped me slowly but surely return to a normal life.

Going through that experience opened my eyes to the best and worst of healthcare. 

As a doctor of physical therapy and practice owner, I have made it my mission to:

  • LISTEN to all of my patients, and make sure they are truly HEARD and UNDERSTOOD

  • GUIDE patients and their families through the healthcare system so they can get the treatment they need

  • SUPPORT patients and families through the journey from barely surviving to thriving in their lives

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